Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool # 11

I think I will use stupiflex in my classroom. The students can video projects done by other students. They will   be interacting with each other and become better skilled with computer programs. Also, Wallwisher will be a great way for me to communicate with the kids also.
Dropbox is also something I am looking forward to using. It was quite easy to download pictures and sort files.

What I discovered was that the students can utilize the computers much more than they do now. With a minimal amount of instruction. I will select students to tutor other students as the need arises.

Tool # 10

Appropriate use of technology is a must with students. I want my students to be able to detect online bullying and harassment. Sometimes it is evident but not always. Also, the students should be aware that texting and emailing can be interpreted in different ways. So, students should make sure that any information they send should be done so appropriately.
As one of the tools, I will use i-safe. This will the students and me with internet etiquette.
To teach the students I will discuss and give examples of proper etiquette once a week at the beginning of the school year.
As far as parent instruction, I will discuss the reasons for monitoring students and how to monitor. This will go along with the Spring Branch acceptable policy that each parent and child receives.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tool # 9

The Tutpup website allows the students to study spelling and compete with other students around the web. Spelling is a subject that can always use support.
Learning Games for Kids would be great for keyboarding skills. I don't think we put enough emphasis on keyboarding in the elementary grades. The kids could work at their own pace and sharpen their skills.

One of the apps I liked was ABC Cursive Writing Lite. The kids practice cursive on the Ipad. Cursive writing is laborious for many students. Even if students do not write in cursive they will need to be able to read it and understand it at some time. Also, the student can access google docs and work on projects at home and school.

As far as management of the devices, I will have schedule and sign in (nothing elaborate). I will appoint a couple of students to help me monitor the use of the devices. They will also be able to help students when needed.

Tool # 8

I like the fact that the notebook can be synced to the projector and does not have to go through the teacher's  computer. This will make things easier and quicker for the students to present finished projects to the class.
Also, when using the ipads I think the the apps that are downloaded through the itunes store will support individualized learning styles.Students will be able to learn in various ways depending on the app.

I will try to combine the job of the photographer and computer tech. to a couple of students. They will be taught how to manage the Dells and the Ipads. They will work with me in helping the class utilize the technology.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tool # 7

The students would enjoy routinely communicating with another class. Studying the geographic differences in climate and weather between the United States regions would be beneficial in fifth grade SS.
Obj: TSW - track temperature and rainfall for a period of time (30 days) recording on a graph or spreadsheet using google docs and compare results with students in the midwest region or northeast region of the U.S.
I would implement this in the first month of school while we are studying the United States regions. I think the students would be surprised to learn first hand how the regions of the United States differ in climate.The assignment would include geographical information as well as math skills.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tool # 6

For some reason my computer would not log in to TodaysMeet, so I used a friends. I think it is a great tool for students to communicate with each other. It is similar to Edmodo. I can use this with book clubs. Also, I would like for my students to use this to discuss American History topics. I would like them to use it as a test preparation tool.Sample
Also, Wallwisher would be easy to implement in Ameican History. It would be a great way for students to share notes and interactive notebooks.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool # 5 Stupiflex and Glogster

I had fun with both of these programs. The students could use glogster to summarize books in reading create summative posters. The students can also use stupiflex for class projects. I think I will assign a class photographer to manage photos and videos each nine weeks.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Narrative Essay Introduction Writing

Google Apps in the Classroom

Google apps (spreadsheet) will aid in tracking my students in reading and writing topics and time spent on assignments. Also, the students can use the applications when studying for tests (power points, notes etc.), and when working on group assignments and sharing information at school and home. We could create groups within the grade level as well. Students from different classes could work together on an assignment.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tool #3

This video will be great to incorporate into flipcharts for American History. Fifth graders always enjoy learning through videos.

Copyright laws are necessary to prevent students from inappropriate information. I understand sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between appropriate and  inappropriate information depending on age level.
The secondary students could watch the video that we watched. I think it would help them understand the importance of copyright.

Dropbox will make sharing photos much easier . The documents will also be secure and easily applicable.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool #4

Sharing in Google Docs is a great asset in intermediate and secondary classrooms. The students enjoy creating homework and class assignments in this format.

Tool #2

This quote from FedEx Ceo in Fortune Magazine was interesting. It seems to be similar to the Springbranch ISD Five Year Plan. College, Jr. College, Tech. are all important choices in today's continuing education.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tool #1

I created my blog. Two yeas ago I used a blog and plan on using it again. It was not that difficult to set up the second time.